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Bewave Sustainable Life


Founder & CEO

Weronika was managing procurement activities in Asia, for over 10 years in multinational corporations, realizing that current procurement and service strategies were always choosing commonly used solutions over sustainability, she decided to create The Wave that is redefining the procurement process, aligned with her core values!


Being a surfer and a nature lover, she decided to contribute to the recent ecological manufacturing awareness that she noticed happening in Asia and provide innovative ways that focus on environmental and ethical protection.

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CO-Founder & BD

Cyrine, worked in business development within several industries, in different multinational companies that has the best intensions to deliver the most useful products to their customers but she couldn’t help to notice that there was one missing element to the whole equation.

Simply environmental awareness! She believes that companies should be the link that would help reconcile nature and humans so she decided to be the bridge leading them towards it.


When she heard about The Wave mount, she immediately jumped on her bike and cycled up!

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Bewave Sustainable Life

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