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About Us

It all started based on a strong belief that most of the current materials and processes in place aren’t made to last as they are both harmful and destructive to our planet and societies.


Knowing that there are better sustainable solutions in terms of products and services that can be offered to end users, we decided to Be the Wave of change that helps companies and brands create those alternatives!

Zero Waste Bathroom


Accelerating the world's transition to the zero waste living

We aim to create products that won’t be feeding landfills around the world or expanding floating continents of waste, but instead will contribute significantly in reducing it !


Creating products with negative footprint

We offer products that are mainly created out of recycled industrial and agricultural waste that can be used in the manufacturing of items, within many industries such as Fashion, Hospitality, Furniture, Automotive and Aircraft Seating as well as Catering.

Wood Cutlery

Let the Wave Carry You!

Join the Wave and get to learn how we can help you meet your Sustainability Goals!

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